Walking out of the Picture

Cosmic Sai Baba is Sai Baba with Form

Sai Baba walks out of the picture The occasion was Shivaratri, the great festival of Lord Siva, where, if one remains in prayer and devotion all night, one’s sins for the past year are cleansed. It was the first celebration for the New Millenium, year 2000.

Sai Baba walks out of the pictureA small group had gathered at Canyonleigh for the Shivaratri Festival. I had been given a smoky crystal, by a friend, who had found it atop of Mount Sinai. He said there were many like it lying around out in the open.

As I lit the candle on the altar beside Sai Baba’s photo I was thinking of the story of Moses and the burning bush, and how strange there were now a whole lot of exposed smoky quartz crystals atop of the mountain.

A second flame at the base of the candleAfter our prayers and singing we all noticed that the tall candle was suddenly burning not only at the top but almost near the base as well. As we watched the candle burning we marvelled at how the flame at the base was actually burning inside of the candle. How could that be, for there would be no oxygen in there?

Quick, take a photo!

Someone said we should take a photo, and as it happened someone had left a camera on the table from a previous meeting, so we grabbed it and took two images.

When the film was processed we could see where the flame had been burning at the base of the candle from the first image, and even deeper into the candle in the second image. You can see a full sized image of this, here.

In the first image I had not realised I had extended my hand with palm facing upwards, toward Sai Baba. Where He had once said to me, “Australia Come,” it was now as if I had subconsciously extended an invitation to Him, “India Come.”

Sai Baba walks out of the picture

It was only then we realised Sai Baba had actually walked out of the wooden frame, which now looked like a Golden Door. With the reflection of the flashlight on His photo He appeared to have just arrived from the Cosmos.

Sai Baba Walks out of the picture frame


Since placing the above photos on the Cosmicsaibaba website we have found there has been some leelas (divine play of the Lord) played upon us.

The candle appears to have red kum-kum at the base of the candle and also at the base of the candle-stick.

crop to Valerie's hand

And on the image with my left hand extended toward Sai Baba we have found a tiny image of Sai Baba has appeared on the gold ring worn on my wedding finger.

Enlargement of Hand Photo

When Sai Baba manifested a beautiful green ring (photo attached) and placed it on my marriage finger, I was laughing and crying at the same time. I couldn’t speak but He heard my thoughts, “He has placed the ring on my marriage finger.” He smiled, nodded his head, and took the ring from my marriage finger on the left hand and placed it on the fourth finger of my right hand.

Green Ring given by Sai Baba to Valerie Barrow

Later I was invited to visit a small Mary Chapel outside of Bangalore, by two American ladies staying at the Ashram. We all happened to dress in white saris and when we entered the church we draped our heads with our scarves, looking like three white nuns. I drew away from my friends and knelt at one of the altars to pray. Sai Baba began to speak to me telepathically, saying I had been a nun in every other life during the `dark ages’ and had been married to God in many past lives. This was why He had first placed His ring on my marriage finger of my left hand, before changing it to the fourth on my right hand.

Now as I looked closely at my extended left hand in the photo, I could see a tiny square image of Sai Baba superimposed upon my gold wedding ring has been manifested since the photo has been posted on His website.

The candle with the red kum-kum … the image of Sai Baba on my marriage finger of the left hand … and a photo of the beautiful green ring He placed on my right hand, have been enlarged for your interest.