7 July 2015

Valerie: (It is) Tuesday, July 7th, and it is morning in Montignac, Charente, in France, and we are calling upon Cosmic Sai Baba to make his presence – and to give us his monthly transmission – which we will welcome with open arms.

❝I am here! And I am very pleased to be here as always – for I know I am welcomed.

It has been very hot – on where you are at this moment – at this time. This is not ordinary temperature; far from it. It is usually much softer – and gentle – in the summertime in France.

And this is indicative of the changes that are taking place upon the Earth. For, if you look around – and listen to your scientists that study the Earth and its climate – you will find there are many places on this Earth where it is far too hot.

When I say “far too hot”, it is the light from the Sun … but rather than being creative, it is destructive. In other words it is out of balance. And so there is an important message going out to many of your leaders upon the Planet Earth – such as from Francis, and many others that people will listen to, we hope.

For we have – in other worlds – discussed this with some of the leaders that are open to hearing messages from the Source – and your Pope is one of them – and he is listening. And he has put out a message of take care – that we need to look after the Planet – and not just dig into it, take from it and not replace it. And as you are not always understanding how to replace it – it is best not to take anything out at all.

There is talk of renewable energy or energy that can be readily used and will not do damage to your Planet. Rather, it will assist, because there is too much damage happening from the imbalance of the heat that is on this Planet.

I do not want to preach—but I do want you to think seriously about this.

Now I know, that there are people that perhaps, are listening to this message, and think, “What can I do to change this?”. And it has been said that the word from the peoples has more strength than anything, and this is true. So if you feel moved, I would suggest that you actually put pressure on your leaders – the ones that are not aware of (or refuse or not listen to) the warnings on the planet and its climate.

Let them take heed and listen and do something about it. Because there is much you can do about it. There has already been many messages and insights given from the star worlds to your scientists!

Sometimes – the messages are lost – because of money. Now this is another thing that the peoples upon your Earth need to think seriously about.

And, exactly what is money?

It is something that has been created – this is true. So you could say – as I have said (when I was) in a physical body – that money is God! And people hesitate and think, “What does he mean?”. And what I do mean is that it is a source that helps to facilitate transactions – and this is what it is meant for – but these transactions should work for both, not just one, not just the receiver; but also, the payer.

All transactions concerning money upon this Planet Earth should be for the good of each transactee – both sides of the transaction and not just for one. Or one side.

I hope I am making myself clear here. There are many, many places where things need to be changed. We – from the starworlds – cannot change it. It is man upon this Earth that has created it (money) through the will of God – that is true – but it is man that has to change it to the better of All. Because it (money) has been misused.

There is a lot of money on this Earth that is not used for the good of all, and there are many that are suffering and need assistance. This is another place that you could – shall we say – put your mind to supporting those that speak out and say, “We want to help those that are needy”. This is important.

There is no reason for anyone to suffer on this Earth.

There is enough food, and enough places for people to live in harmony upon this Earth. And in some way, these changes that are happening right now are because of the need of sharing and listening to each other’s needs and assisting. And of course, there is a need for Prayer.

Because there are those also, that are not coming from a place of what we would call harmony and peace. And so these people need to be given assistance by Prayer. Prayer is an energy. It is like money – in a way – and it is available to all. And all you have to do is ASK … … for assistance from God, the Creator of All, and this will assist with change.

So take heart, my people, my children, and think about these things and what you can do to help with these changes at this time. For, history is a cycle, and the cycle that is here now is to release all misuse of all the things I have just spoken about; and to leave it behind, accept change; change things so that there is no disharmony any longer.

And move forward – with peace – and harmony – and balance upon this Earth and its environment.

Thank you my children, thank you. I love you all dearly. This is not a message of criticism – far from it. It is a message of asking you to think seriously about these things.

Thank you.

I, God, Bless You. ❞

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