6th January, 2015

“We are calling Cosmic Sai Baba to make his presence and apologise for keeping him waiting.”

He came in with a loud ‘hurumph’ …

❝It is I, and I am very pleased to be here. There is no problem my children – no problem at all – I am always glad to hear this kind of conversation taking place. And I would encourage many people to have conversations about ‘Holy Spirit’ … About the influence of Holy Spirit upon them and … conversation of such nature.

You will find that one person has one particular emphasis on something and another might think about something differently – actually if you keep talking you would find that there is no separation whatever. And so, this is why it is so good to talk about these things.

It is good to talk about everything really; to communicate with one another so that there is no misunderstanding … because quite often what one says seems so different from another … when you actually talk further … you find you are really talking about the same thing. But just in a different way.

This is how this Earth will move into peace. Because if people speak and talk and communicate (rather than thinking about raising a weapon to sort out a difference or a problem – this will never, never reach peace) (and so) you need to sit and talk. Understand one another; and to actually speak of how they feel from one point of view and then see how another can think and speak from another point of view. Quite often as you keep speaking you find you can influence each other to actually begin to agree about something that you were ready to raise a gun about!

And so I would encourage – contact. I would encourage people to come with an open-mind with respect with one another and then just communicate.

They will find they can then resolve issues very easily, as time goes on.

Now, I am sounding as if I am preaching and I do not want to do this. I would encourage people to meditate – meditation is the connection to your Soul Consciousness. As has the conversation been going this morning – the Consciousness of the Soul is very real – very real indeed and as has been said without the Soul Consciousness your physical body would no long operate.

It is your Soul Consciousness that is coming into the body that actually helps it to keep alive in many ways – your breathing and your heart beats; in the flow of your blood. Every operation of, er shall I say … I am thinking for a word that the different aspects of the body that help operate—to help cleanse it and nourish it, and to keep it alive and running—This all comes from your Soul Consciousness.

There is a great need for people on Earth to find Peace – and to find Peace they need to find Peace within themselves. Once they find Peace within themselves they are able to talk and communicate with others, in a peaceful way. This will lead to Peace on Earth.

And so, although I am speaking for a little long here, I am reminded about the letters that people have written to me and I want them to know they have been blessed. And er, I have not missed anything. I want people to know – that if you reach out to me by name and with a little ceremony that would help to just clear the energies either with a temple bell or a candle which actually also helps to clear the air and then ASK.

Ask, for whatever is troubling you; for ways that may help you or assist you to get through day – or your year – or your illness – or your work. Or whatever it is that is troubling you. Maybe it is family issues. All this can be resolved, certainly! From there, after you have asked – prayers can be given and they do work. I use the word in a very modern sense … but prayer, if you think about it, is a thought, it is a consciousness, it goes out with the flow.

You talked about ‘The Force’ and the force of change does work and operates upon your Earth. And so – if a prayer goes out, it will be carried along by the Force that exists from the Creator of All and will help to bring changes as it touches people – the ones that the prayer is meant for – it will help to change – it will help to change them miraculously – it is now known that miracles work – and I would like you to think about that – if you would.

I am very pleased to be here this day and to share this day with you. Thank you my children, thank you for listening to me.

I wish you every blessing – particularly as you are beginning a New Year as is understood by most races upon your Earth. For us – there is no separation. It is just change that takes place every day … the Sun rising and the Sun setting … and the Moon rising and the Moon setting – this is our time. This is our day, this our year and the seasons that are influenced upon this Earth.

So God Bless you, my children, God Bless you …

I, God, bless you❞.

You may listen to this transmission from Cosmic Sai Baba:


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