7 October 2014

We are calling upon Cosmic Sai Baba to make his presence amongst us, and we welcome him with great love and joy.

❝Oh! I am here! I have been here a while! But, ah, that seems to be normal, with, er, you girls!


❝But I am not judging this. I am very happy to be here. And I am glad that you have taken notice of … my – little reminder – of the tinkling bell! And we shall move on now.

I have come … to reassure people that – although what is happening around your Earth is of concern, of course. And prayers are needed; prayers are very much needed, to help … to calm … the energies that are around the Earth at this time.

You do not have to focus on any particular area; just send out the prayers – and pray for world peace. And the Angels – or our assistants – will take that energy – as I have said once before, it is ‘a little like fairy floss’ – and take it around to disperse the energy, the heavy, dark, energy. I hope that I am explaining that well and you understand what I am saying; for everything is energy.

And, energy is thought. So there are forms of thought that are quite dark and heavy, and need to be lightened – literally. I hope that makes some sense.

And so your prayers are very much needed at this time.

I haven’t come to speak (or preach) for very long; I have come to encourage you all to continue with your light-work, which you do so well. And I want it to go out on the website – that I, and my co-workers, are very, very happy, about – what is happening with light workers as they work – and follow direction from their soul-consciousness. Even though they may not realise or know where or why things are asked of them, they still do it! And this, I am very happy about. Because it shows faith; it shows love for humanity … … and the energy of Universal Love goes out with those prayers, so, thank you, thank you!, thank you!

There is nothing much one could say; I could analyse what is happening upon this Earth but there would be no point. In some ways, that would give energy to some of the darker energies that exist. Just realise that things are changing, and what is not needed any more is rising to the surface and being dispersed.

Some (dark energies) hold onto each other so it is like a cloud – that’s a tightly knit cloud – of dark, heavy energies. And these are the energies that need to be – shall we say – enlightened. So that everything, every energy moves around and plays the role of whatever is needed upon this Earth. Nothing happens by accident; everything that happens is for a reason and a purpose.

So please do not judge anything at all.

But, know that there is great love needed for those that do not seem to understand. And I think you know and understand what I am saying; and I thank you for that.

Because you have been awakening for many, many years – and have studied much and listened to much – to what we have to say. Again, I thank you.

So before I leave … I would like to thank those that have written to me; and I want them to know that they are also in my prayers. I send them my blessings. They are not forgotten. It is trying times at this time; and a lot are facing issues they do not really, really understand at times. A lot is coming from past lives, from lives that they have lived many, many eons ago. If they can let this go and release it – let it go – they will feel much happier. And be free … so that they can move forward with the changes and not feel that they are dragged back in any way.

I would like you to ponder about this.

So thank you, my Dear Ones, thank you.

I, God, bless you❞.

You may listen to this transmission from Cosmic Sai Baba:

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We were talking for awhile when the temple Bell sitting beside me on the Lounge chair, began to ring by itself. We knew it was Cosmic Sai Baba hinting that it was time to do His Transmission.