2 January 2018

Valerie: So with great love and respect in our hearts … we are calling upon Cosmic Sai Baba to make his presence among us. It is the 2nd of January 2018; and we are at Moss Vale.

❝I am here, and I am very pleased to be here. Valerie has talked quite a lot today about the very things I was going to speak about – but that is alright.

I will continue and enlarge on what she has been speaking about. For it is important that everybody realise that they are God Beings. They are or have been created and they are still being created every second of the very life that your are living in – in your earth body. The cells are being replaced very quickly; the body that you had when you were a child is not the child that you have now – it has been renewed many, many times.

I think you are understanding what I am saying, for you are like a mini-universe and as I speak of Universes that is what they are doing also – renewing – recalibrating in a way, reforming, breaking down and moving – that is LIFE. Like the Universe – and the Universes are LIFE.

You are in a physical earth body living on the planet Earth. So we will focus on that for this moment. I have said before, it was created as the Garden of E-din – which is literally connected to sacred geometry.

It had a purpose. It was to replace a missing piece that was in the Solar System in what you live in – in your “Milky Way.”

I have said these things before – and I would suggest that you do some research on Astronomy and the way the planets interact and the galaxies – for when you have that understanding you will realise also that at another level you understand it very well.

For the God Creators – Star People – that come from a higher frequency also are gifted with more understanding – more knowledge – more interaction of what takes place in your Galaxy and elsewhere.

As Star People – we come in races that are Benevolent and want only to assist the little Earthling upon this Earth Planet.

The Earth planet has been created and evolved and that is another story that has been told before. However, even with evolvement, The Earth–human is changing. It is breaking down – it is renewing – it is moving.

It is changing everything and is moving into a consciousness that exists with your OVERSOUL.

Some people call it an ANGELIC REALM. And it is. It is the Realm of Sacred Geometry and it is the God Source and the God Force which helps with the movement.

I would like you to dwell on that – and think about it. And do not see yourselves with just arms and legs and a torso and a head, for you are far more than that. The arms and legs and torso and a head has a consciousness of its own also. It is your house. It allows your spirit to walk upon this planet Earth. The Spirit and the God Consciousness lives on. And with those words I would like you to think about from where you have come from – where you are going – and why you are here. It is an important question.

And with each question the answers are within you:

In your heart – where the Consciousness of God is within you.

It is the Seat of Your Soul.

Understand it – and know it – it is true!

It is real and yet if you do not want to believe what I say – just think about it – and ask questions – and wait.

Let your eyes roll back and look to the World of Light outside your atmosphere and be aware – somehow an answer will come – or even better an understanding will come – and you will KNOW and that is the True Source of Who You Are.

Not a belief … … a Knowing … … you do not have to listen to anyone, not even me, you just KNOW.

So I would like to thank these people who have sent me letters and I would like them to know I have Blessed them the very moment when they were writing. I am always with you My Children, Always.


That means it is everywhere. Think about that, also.

That is within you and so it is the strongest – it is up to you not to allow any thoughts that confuse you … or upset you … or even find that you are caught up with negative thinking … think again! Pull away from that, and be a Creator for the Good of ALL …

For this is what you have come to do upon this Earth. To help each other and to help yourself.

God Bless you my children, God bless you.

I God, Bless you.❞

You may listen to this transmission from Cosmic Sai Baba:


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