7 January 2014

With great love and respect in our hearts, we are calling upon Cosmic Sai Baba to make his presence amongst us.


It is I, Sai Baba … Cosmic Sai Baba as you call me now, because I have moved into the next world; but I have not gone far.

I love this world very dearly; and I want you to know that I am always around, whenever you call upon me. But this is true, I have sent the perfume to you this morning as a sign – because you asked for it; and so I have given this.

In fact, Valerie asked that the sound – the ring of Temple Bell to be loud so that the grandchildren would be – ah, what can I say – awed by it, which they were. Because it did get very loud … and it was Me that was doing it! (laughs) But I play a little leela and I have played it all-right!

I am just confirming I’m here, and I’ve already put the thoughts in your head; But Yes, you are not alone here; it is real, just as I am real … I am very real! Even though I haven’t a physical body on this Earth (at the moment) my presence is well and truly here. And I can manifest, if I wish. But I am not going to do that; I am not going to manifest just as a party trick, but rather, only if needed for a special occasion.

And so, I have come this day to say – for those around the world – there seems to be still a lot of problems, particularly with the weather. It will improve; the weather will improve. Over the years, it will get less and less traumatic for people – it will find a balance … all will find a balance upon this Earth.

And then all will come to realise and understand, and know the energies that influence them and who they really are. And they will find peace and harmony, and a willingness to readily find a solution to any differences that are amongst them.

So believe me, my children, times are going to—they are—improving, although it may not be obvious at this time. This is a special year, it is a special year of Universal Love and Divine Light. Which comes from your Sun. Your Sun has just had an exchange of energies; but I will leave this for now.


There is really no other message I can give you this day, except to be reassured, that there are many from other worlds that work with me and are wanting to help people. All they have to do is ask. But they MUST ask, for we cannot interfere with the Universal Law, which is to leave everybody to evolve at their own pace.

However, if you need advice, it can be given, so please ask. That is all you need to do. And we will willingly – somebody – will willingly come to assist you – and that goes for everything that happens upon this Earth.

You are blessed, My Children; the Planet Earth is moving into a beautiful place. And it will not be long – although I understand – that we have said “not long” before; but it seems forever, to you, on this Earth. I can assure you that it will be much sooner than you think.

And so now, I would like to take these letters for people have sent me. And I honour them and respect them. And I always read them; send a blessing to them; to all the people that written to me, and think of them; because as soon as they do (think of Me), I am with them. Be assured, that is all you need do.

Feel blessed, My Children, Feel Blessed.

And thank you; I thank you, I thank you.

God bless you.❞

You may listen to this transmission from Cosmic Sai Baba:


We noted that the same three people today were present for the Transmission – in a repeat of the first meeting for the New Year back in January 2012 when Mother Mary visited us in spirit.

Baba had played a Leela on us that day for we found a photo of him on the floor which seemed to come from nowhere and a sound echoing his presence.

This day’s meeting he played another Leela. First we were briefly visited by my grandchildren and they were telling another friend with them how Nanny rings the base of the temple bell and asked me to show them. I secretly asked Sai Baba to ring it as loud as possible and He did. All agreed it had never ‘rung so loudly’ – John said he thought I was going to lift off the ground. Then after they left the three of us were aware of a beautiful perfume coming from Sai Baba’s Photo on the wall. One of the ladies said she had placed a note in the blessed email basket saying “Please make us all happy and well, we love you Baba; can you confirm your presence, signed B

We felt he did that with the loudness of the temple bell ringing and the perfume pervading us.

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