6 October 2015

Valerie: It is the 6th of October 2015; the day is Tuesday, and we are at Moss Vale, New South Wales, Australia. Now, we are asking – or calling upon – Cosmic Sai Baba to make his presence here – amongst us – and we welcome his presence.

❝I am here! Thank you for calling upon Me – it is always a great pleasure to come, and to speak.

I have been very busy in My Light Body. You have been told about this, and you can read about it. It gives me great pleasure indeed to be able to achieve so many things that I have always hoped to do. And Yes, there is more to come, I can assure you.

I would also like to say, I will present myself in a Light Body … in Public! I am saying this because I would like people to know and wonder about this. And wonder ❝Who can this be?❞, when I have been dead and buried in the earth body.

But I am a Light Body, and I want to show everybody on Earth that that is what they are. All the humans and all living species upon this Earth are spirit. They come from the World of Light – and they leave in the World of Light. And this Earth life that you are living is not the reality, I can assure you.

If it was, you would not have such a short span upon it.

For, from the time you have been born and the time that you leave in say – 70 to 80 years old or more – it is not very long when you think about the Light Body that exists for much longer.

It has been written that Beings lived on this Earth for 200 or 300 years and this was in a Light Body. And so I am going to return and show myself so that people will know and understand of the physicality being around for a lot longer than it is seen.

It will give me joy to do this.

My Ancestor Prema Baba will be coming soon. I am preparing the way for him to be here and to achieve a lot. For, as I have said I have had the life of Shirdi Sai Baba and I have had the life in an earth body as Sri Sathya Sai Baba and there is one now planned for Prema Sai Baba.

All this is to show humanity the existence of consciousness, of a Light Being, of it being on-going, of it being infinity and no limit.

All these things that I have done as Sri Sathya Sai Baba have been a bit of fun really – to show that there is no limit – and that will continue. For, I am in a Light Body at this time and I am moving very quickly to achieve what I have always wanted to do.

As I have said – and I am very happy about this – and I hope that you will pray … for me to come … to manifest myself so that all can see because I need to become a little heavier in energy so that eyes that cannot see – will be able to see. And ears, that cannot hear will be able to hear. This will be my gift to humanity.

So My children, ‘Hold onto your hats’ for I am coming, I am here, I have never left, I am all those things. I bless you all, I bless you all with the love of the Creator of the Source of All.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

I, God, Bless You. ❞

You may listen to this transmission from Cosmic Sai Baba:


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