4 March 2014

With much love and respect in our hearts, we call upon Cosmic Sai Baba to make his presence …


❝ I am here, and I am very pleased to be here. And to know that I am welcomed. It gives me pleasure to to be able to speak and answer questions … but I am not going to invite those questions today.

I just want to reassure you—as I have been … in sessions before this—that the world is changing—you yourself can see that and feel that, and know it.

And what it is changing to … is an edict from the Hierarchy of course, but – it is possible to make it a very special place; it is up to each individual to decide what they want to create, themselves.

There has been talk here this morning about magic! And that is part of creation … It can be a trick … But I would hope that you have moved on to understand that people, like myself – Avatars that have come to this Earth – special people that have come only to lift the consciousness of people – of humans upon this Earth, to show them that they are limited only by their own belief. And if they were to open their minds (their brain if you like) to the reality of a consciousness that is within them – that is always within them – whether they are in a physical body or not.

That is the secret; that is where manifestations can take place. That is where there is no limit … … It has been recorded when I have been here before (in a physical body), where extra food was needed for many visitors that came to my Ashram, and it seemed like magic … … You could write it off as a trick … but where did the food come from?

Again, you need to think, and realise that it was not a trick … it was an ability that I had to cast many forms of the same … and so create more; there was no limit.

I could have created enough food to feed the world!

But you live here on this Earth with limitations … you have what we would say ‘a gift from the Source of All Creation’. A Gift of Will – your will! You make decisions!

You make decisions as to what will happen in your life and that is the path that you tread on this Earth … and so it is not for me to come in and take over. Although at times I would like to … but it would not benefit all the humanity upon this Earth.

They all need to come to understand who they truly are … and that there is no limit … only if they think there is. You move past that limitation and accept that you could move—literally—mountains if you wanted to. Again, when I was here on this Earth, I did change weather patterns; I did change the shape of rooms. I was only trying to show you that there is no limitation and that it was possible to change … … change situations so that they benefited others – benefited all – actually.

So, if everybody on this Earth put their mind to it, they could feed everybody on this Earth – there would be no people ever experiencing starvation. Which is still happening upon this Earth and I would ask humanity upon this Earth to think seriously about what they are allowing to happen here, on this planet.

This planet itself … … is the mother … … she manifests whatever is put into the earth or even above her call of duty – she is always allowing things to grow, to feed; and many thank her for that, when they eat … So if she is working for the good of all and those in the heavens that are wiser and see no point in fighting or raising weapons to sort out differences – then surely every human upon this Earth could start to begin to see how they can change things very easily – if they change the way they think – and think about each other, and caring for each other ….

And Universal love exists in the Universe – you draw upon that energy – let it flow through you to other humans around you … and that energy will just automatically change any thoughts that are around that is not of good – that is not in the interest of humanity upon this Earth.

I ask you, I am actually begging you to re-think your thoughts and think about ❝Where are you taking this planet? The people upon it – where is it going? And how can I change what is not right?

I had not meant to come, to sound like I am preaching … but this is the time for change. The planetary system, the galaxy, the Universe itself is changing and re-arranging the positions of various influences throughout the Universe.

This is an opportunity for Earth to move with those changes and become ONE with the force of the galaxy, the Universe and all energies that flow from the Universal Source of LOVE.

Please accept this. … Please think about it; and you will know … … what the true feeling of LOVE is from your Creator – GOD.

Thank you my children, thank you. And before I leave, I take these letters that have been sent to me with such love and prayers – I want to reassure them that there is change … if they can let go their fears and follow from the feelings within their hearts … everything will settle. Everything will become – as it was meant to be – as ONE.

God Bless you my children, God Bless you.

I, God, bless you❞.

You may listen to this transmission from Cosmic Sai Baba:

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