4 November 2014

We call upon Cosmic Sai Baba to make his presence amongst us, and we welcome him being here. Thank you.

❝ I am here, and I am very pleased to be here. As always – I enjoy meeting with you and speaking with you.

Today, there has been a lot of talk about is the world (if I can put it this way) “Is the world ever coming to a place of peace and calm?”

I can assure you – it is – but a little time is needed now – and your time on Earth is measured differently. So I would say it is not all that long. Maybe a cycle – a cycle you could say, of say, 7 years. And I say approximately this amount of time to then move into the 8th year of Peace and Calm.

I am saying this because this is the time that I, myself, (in a physical body) was supposed to be around on the Earth. But I left a little earlier. However, I am still around! I am still here! I am just around, but out of your sight. I am in the next world, if you like. That is not exactly my home but I am staying this time, this length of time, to actually influence and assist – I could say the human – but I would like to say the little earthling, because it is a race. It is a race that struggles – to understand – to understand each other. It struggles to respect one another. It struggles to agree with one another. And I would like to say that more time and effort should be placed upon communication and a willingness to understand each other. So that consensus can be reached about many issues that different races upon this Earth disagree about, even though you all come from the same race.

It is you that have divided it – and so it is up to you to bring it together.

This is not a judgement – this is a Karmic Law – for what you put out, you get back! And so everybody needs to think about that. It is very simple – a very simple law really. It applies to everything; in action … in thinking … and even feeling! For all is energy – and the energy goes out – and it comes back. So that is what I am trying to say.

So I would like you to think about that. For it will help to soften the energies that are around … to make it easier to find consensus with one another. If peoples’ thoughts were not in anger but rather almost a whisper they would then be able to communicate and transfer thoughts and influence one another without realising how … but it would influence others.

So please be aware of the way you think … because that is what happens before you act … and if you think gently then the action will be of a gentle nature. And then of course, when the action is of a gentle nature – then the feeling is also of a gentle nature – and I can assure you that this is what the Source of All Creation is. It is one of what you could describe as Love.

I hope I am explaining myself, for this is all that you need to understand really … to find Peace and Harmony upon this Earth. It is that simple.

For when you have a gentleness about you it is easier to tap into – shall I say – higher knowledge … higher wisdom … which is within everybody. And you can reach out to this part of your Aspect. I say ‘aspect’ because you are part of a larger soul. A larger group of souls. And you are all here in a physical body to help … to help … to care for one another … and respect one another. Again, that is all that you need to do to find Peace … Harmony … and Goodwill upon this Earth.

I do not want to sound like I am preaching (although I think I am sounding that way). So I will leave you to consider what I have said. And please, be kind to yourselves also … in your thoughts. Be loving to yourselves … in your thoughts.

Don’t let a judgement enter into your psyche (shall I say) but rather, replace it with a kind thought about yourself and that gentle energy will permeate through you very quickly. Much quicker that an angry energy. It will soften … it will heal … it will release … and this is what needs to happen to everyone upon this Earth.

And so my beloved children, I thank you for allowing me to visit you this day. But before I leave, I want to take these letters that people have sent – so lovingly and calling out to me – and I want them to know that I read all that they say (takes letters from basket) and that I return the energy with love. I transmute any fear that they may have … for when it is transmuted into love … all else falls into place. And if not straight away – then it will eventually. That is all you need to think about, my children. That is all.

There has been talk about the children that suffer upon this Earth … and it is so. There are far too many of the children of the little earthling who are suffering.

And they do not understand. They need care and they need looking after, so please, please, look after the children.

I thank you, I thank you and God bless you.

So thank you, my Dear Ones, thank you.

I, God, bless you❞.

You may listen to this transmission from Cosmic Sai Baba:


Transmission by Mother Mary

With a great sigh … … Mother Mary entered:

❝It is I, Mother Mary … that speaks to you. It is no coincidence that you have felt my presence this day. There has been talk amongst you about the Mother Mary, and I am here.

I am here, prompting – even Sai Baba – to speak about the children … because the children are suffering. The children are deeply suffering on this Earth in many, many, ways. Not just in one country – but many countries; and in some countries … that are really quite well off … and still the children suffer.

I know there has been big movement to help the children; and to watch over the children, to protect them. And I would like you to pray for this. That is all that you need to do – to pray, because the right people, the ones who have the power to bring the change will be affected by those prayers whether you realise it or not.

(Whispering) So I have come … just to mention this and to encourage you to pray. That is all My Dears, that is all. I am so pleased to be here this day and sharing with you – you are beautiful women, beautiful women, beautiful women.

You may listen to this transmission from Mother Mary:

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