5 July 2016

Valerie: It is Tuesday 5th of July 2016, and with great love and great respect we are calling upon Cosmic Sai Baba to make His Presence among us. Thank you.

❝I am here! And … it is Cosmic Sai Baba speaking to you, and I am very pleased to be here. I know I am welcomed, and I like to come to meetings where I know I am welcomed.

It is a little difficult, if I think I am not welcomed, because the energy changes. It is energy that pulls away and causes mischief. And allows entities that do make mischief to come in … to the meetings.

So I hope you will remember that when you are holding a meeting. And if everybody’s consciousness is open, we would like to be heard with respect, and you are willing to hear us. Because I am speaking as a number (at the moment) and I am speaking as Cosmic Sai Baba. But I am also speaking from the World of Light, which has the Hierarchy, and the energies that work with me! And so I am speaking (here) … and I WOULD LIKE TO COME TO MANY MEETINGS, not just in the name of Cosmic Sai Baba, but from the Hierarchy that exists in other worlds!

But this planet that is associated with that world. A world of creation!

And there has been some talk this morning about the Sun, and the Universal Sun, and you have an understanding about that. We have been giving messages to Valerie and we send often material that is of interest to her, and she passes it on.

And that is her role; this is what she likes to do. And so we encourage that. Having said that, there are many I would like to work with and if you are willing to do these things then … please … allow Me to assist you. All you have to do is ASK.

Call upon me, Cosmic Sai Baba, or by any other name that you feel … that you know is a light being … that comes from the World of Light which is Universal Love and Universal Divine Energy … that energy is radiating upon your world! Your Universe!

There have been many talks and much has been given from our world to help you understand the changes that are taking place. Your Sun is showing that there seems to be no activity there – or it seems to be that there is no activity there (but there is, actually). The actual Sun of your solar system is linked with other Suns, and those Suns form a core, that go back to the Source of All Creation.

You have been talking about The Source of All Creation, and that it is coming from a very large black hole that exists in the centre of your Milky Way.

And I would like to confirm that, YES, this is the Source of the creation of your Universe.

So if you can think about that, meditate upon it, I will give you understanding from different points of view. In other words, some people will understand from one way, some people will understand from a different way! BUT, it is important that ALL people come to understand in some way – and so – we would be glad to help and assist.

We will do this; I am committing (to this) – it is a promise to you – that if you sit and call upon Me, I WILL COME.

Now, I have said this, I do not want to preach, far from it! I want to enlighten you. I would like to help you to gain knowledge … and understanding – a bigger picture if you like. It is out there and it is within you.

So really, all I am doing is reminding you; because, as a personality in the body that you exist now on Earth – is a very small part of the soul of who you really are. And so there is much knowledge available to you from your higher self – if you like – or from your soul consciousness.

But remember, the soul that you have – that you are wearing – is really blessed, and it comes from God. It comes from the Source of All Creation and there is no limit whatsoever in information that you may require or ask for. So remember that. Remember that. Because I can assure you that this is the source of your learning. Very much so.

It is also the source of your imagination. Valerie said this morning that there is an “inside eye”, and there is. Some people say they do not have clairvoyance, but this is not so. They have dreams, and so they have “inside eyes”. They can be shown so many things, and in fact, subconsciously, they are clairvoyant. But they do not realise it and so they say they are not clairvoyantly seeing. But they do (see). They have taken it for granted. They do not realise what is happening; they have it all the time in the very life they are living in the body that they are.

So I have not come to – (what can I say) – judge anybody … but I just want to lift you all, I want to encourage you, to share the knowledge that you already have, and to encourage others to lift their consciousness. And think twice before they discard something from their consciousness. Because the answers are within themselves … if they allow it to come through.

It is subtle – because this is the infinite energy; it is very subtle – but it can be very powerful – it depends on how much you accept it. It is that simple.

You live in a world of free thought. Free thought! And that means that you make choices. And so, it is up to you, my children, it is up to you to decide on what you feel and what you know within your heart. It is real.

Thank you my children, thank you. I have enjoyed coming this morning. Thank you.

My love to you all.❞

You may listen to this transmission from Cosmic Sai Baba:


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