1 September 2015

Valerie: We are calling upon Cosmic Sai Baba to make his appearance with us. And today is the 1st of September. And we welcome his presence amongst us.

❝I am here! And I am very pleased to be here.

Valerie has another tongue: by saying “You welcome my appearance herewell … this day will come when I will appear.

I have promised it.

I have promised it to many, now, and it will happen.

It will be quite controversial, because there are many people who do not understand about the fact that they have a light body, which is an imprint, a carbon copy, of the body they walk in.

And so that is how I will appear.

Without the Earth Body.

I have a light body and I will appear as I was and looked before I left, not very long ago.


So please take note.

I will not be announcing EXACTLY when I will appear, but it will not be long, I can assure you.

And it will give me great joy to come back into this world to show the many things that I have tried to explain, to teach you what happens in other worlds, in other ways, and in other peoples and their lives that exist in different realms.

It is real.

And so, because I have made an announcement – that is important – I would like you to focus upon that – because, if you are happy about the thought of my making a re-appearance in a light body – as I looked when I was Sri Sathya Sai Baba …


Because the energy goes out. And it helps to clarify the atmosphere and everything around you and so the presence can come very easily … and my presence will come.

So, in looking forward to this, I hope you will stay with this thought; and pray for it. And by a prayer, I mean … a feeling of joy and hope – and intentions – that this is what you would like … because there is no point in me coming if you would not like this.

So I need to feel that I will be welcomed when I appear, as I have said.

So with this thought – My Children – I leave you.

I am very happy to have made this announcement.

Please ponder upon it; pray for it, and I will come.

Thank you my beloved children, thank you. Thank you.

I, God, Bless You. ❞

You may listen to this transmission from Cosmic Sai Baba:


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