7 November 2017

Valerie: It is Tuesday, 7th of November 2017 and we are at Moss Vale, Australia. We all sang 6 Oms until there was complete harmony. We then called upon Cosmic Sai Baba with great respect and love to make his presence among us.

❝I am here, and I am very pleased to be here – it is I Cosmic Sai Baba – I am aware that you have some problems with the noise around you and so I will not make my message too long today because I have another I would like to speak … And so my message today is … …

I would like everyone to stay strong – to stay confident and to remain positive, because changes are happening and it is sometimes difficult to handle it – so if you meditate or calm yourself – even with simple breathing and taking time and just sit quietly – you will be able to handle these changes much easier – I can assure you.

Call upon me – or call upon the Angelic Realms – call upon The Source of Creation – Call upon GOD. It is all the same – the energy and frequency is always there with LOVE ready to embrace you – ready to assist you – ALWAYS.

So be aware, my children, and I hope you will take this advice and continue with the work that you do in holding the energy of positiveness and LOVE upon this planet.

So it is going to others – more than you realise – but you will come to realise and know this sometime soon – so thank you my children for allowing me to come – there is another waiting … …

Thank you.

I God, Bless you.❞

You may listen to this transmission from Cosmic Sai Baba:


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Andromeda Val

Valerie is saying (as Sai Baba has said) there is another waiting and I am not sure who it is; so if you will bear with me … … I am reminded – and He has said in our last meeting – He wanted Andromeda Val to speak. She speaks from the Galaxy M31 – it is a very large Galaxy next to our own Galaxy, the Milky Way.

I call upon with great love and respect to Andromeda Val.

“I am Andromeda Val – I come from another Galaxy as I have said before – it is a little hard for me to speak through Valerie’s voice box for we in Andromeda only speak telepathically; and so there is a slight change needed for this to take place – and if you will bear with me (as I am in the future) I can perhaps help and advise in some way. I am actually going to – at another time – invite questions and hopefully I will be able to answer those questions.

But for the moment … just allow my energy to flow into the room and see if you can connect – for it is not just I that comes from Andromeda … … There are many – there are 144,000 Light workers that come with their abilities to bring PEACE. And this is what we want to do.

We have always been here to help the little human. This might be a little hard to understand … … at another level of consciousness you do understand – so I would ask you to focus on your heart and listen to the voice within – call upon the Creator Source of All – and you can call upon Cosmic Sai Baba for he knows and understands Andromeda very well.

There are different races in the Galaxy of Andromeda – there are millions of suns – it is a very large Galaxy – but over here in this Galaxy of Andromeda there are Angelic Beings or Angle Beings if you would like – it is part of sacred geometry – it is numbers. Yes, Jesus actually spoke of the hairs on your head being numbered – this is what he was trying to say. He said His Father was in Heaven.

And you could call Andromeda ‘Heaven’ if you like – for it is a beautiful country and beautiful place. There are many beautiful races. NONE come from a place that want to raise a weapon to sort out a problem. ALL respect each other and give time for each other to hear and respect what they have to say. This is important. This is really what is needed upon your planet now. For many things could be resolved if you took the trouble to respect and listen to others that live here on your planet Earth – so that understanding would be, shall we say … … … ‘embraced’ within your consciousness.

Your consciousness has different levels also of different frequencies and it is consciousness that is everything.

I have been asked by the Wise Ones to speak in a language that we use – where we are in the particular place in Andromeda. Valerie has never spoken it on this planet Earth, although the language has been spoken by other Light Workers – but it is time for Valerie to speak and I will help her – so if you will give us a moment we will give it a try at communicating in a language that comes from Andromeda, at Lya.

… … …

Please stay with me … … …

(Lya speech and frequency transmitted by Andromeda Val – Please listen to the sound recording below)

Valerie is laughing, but what it is – is a greeting. I realise that I have allowed it to come through at a frequency that is too strong and too fast to be received upon your Earth and so we will have another try – not this day – but Valerie is bit below par – So we will work ahead and the next meeting, and with the blessings of Cosmic Sai Baba, we will communicate with this language.

Erm! Even if understanding is not readily understood with the language it still will impart its energy from Andromeda and if you really open your minds to receiving that energy – you will find that it is very calming, peaceful and as it is in Andromeda.

So I have to go now, but I look forward to our next meeting – for Cosmic Sai Baba is asking me to return and speak at His next meeting. I shall look forward to that. I hope you will look forward to that also.

Thank you My Dears, thank you.

Thank you.

You may listen to this transmission from Andromeda Val:


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