A Special Photo


We sat with a new group of people in Sydney for this transmission. One lady wanted to show me a photo she had taken of the moon and how the energy flowing from it had been captured through her camera. She often captured little fairies and elementals in her photos as well.

You may see the photos from this special session in Sydney after the transmission given by Cosmic Sai Baba.


❝Greetings, it is I, Cosmic Sai Baba, and indeed I am very pleased to be here and to know that I am welcomed.

I feel it in your hearts. I connect to all of you in your heart – for that is the Source of the Creation that is within you – that is of God. It is in everybody.

Everybody is born with the love of God – some lose the way and do bad things … but but they are still of God and it is very easy for them to turn around … to change their life and the way they think and face themselves and the God within. It is a gift … … it is a gift of the Christ Energy that is in all.

The Christ energy is a field of energy that is a Divine energy—Divine Light … it is of the 5th World into which this Earth is moving into. It is needed that All raise their consciousness to enter into the state of being within the 5th World.

Do not believe that you have never been there before …    for you have, in your Soul’s journey. Your journey now on earth is in a 3rd Dimensional body. It is a life … a play … an experience … one of learning … one of sharing … one of caring … to be with one another and to know that each individual upon this earth is here to help one another.

For as you unite the energy is spread … it will be an upliftment of consciousness upon the Earth … for that is what is also happening to your mother … your Mother Earth, who nurtures you and cares for you … … for—if you ask, “Where would you be without her,” that should open a lot of questions within you.

For your soul comes and goes into a body on Earth … but it also explores the Cosmic Worlds and it enters into bodies of other races within the Cosmos. These are different frequencies of Worlds … they exist, they exist within you … they are part of you and they actually infiltrate into your physical being … and if you were to explore that, you would find that there would be many answers for you, as to why you react to something within your journey here on Earth.

For you are Multi-Dimensional Beings.

I would like you to think about that.

You certainly are not just a physical Earth being. You have physicality in other worlds and you have experienced many life forms and life bodies … of different frequencies … … different dimensions. As I have said … you are Multi-Dimensional.

But your Source is of the Creator. Everyone has been blessed with the Christ Energy. … …  I would like you to remember this.

The Christ Energy could be described in a different way …

Let us say … that it is from the Source … and it is of Love. It is of Divine Universal Love and it is permeating you and is there for you to draw upon … to share, among yourselves … with your family … with your friends …. with people that you may feel compassion for … or even in other parts of this planet …

There is no restriction on Universal Love …

there is enough to go around for everyone. It is only the brain that might decide that it is not possible

Again, I say I would like you to think of yourselves as God Beings … … of Universal Love and that you have the ability to spread that love without limitation.

I think you are understanding what I am saying. It is very simple. If there are issues that cause controversy … or hurt—rather than act in anger you can take time off until you calm yourself and then discuss the issue, explaining the way you think and feel about something and listen to the other about how they think and feel about something … you will find that there has been a misunderstanding or … … …

If there is not a misunderstanding but just a strong belief that is very different from your own … I would ask you to respect that … respect the differences in each other …

For you are all brothers and sisters … you are all Earth beings … you are the same … there is no reason to fight and be aggressive and angry with one another …

Call upon Universal Love and remember the strength of prayer … because you can sit quietly and ask for guidance and indeed for help—and it will be immediately given to you. It is up to you to reach out and make that choice to Universal Love.

Thank you my children, … thank you for being here …

I, God, bless you❞.


We sat with a new group of people in Sydney for this transmission. One lady wanted to show me a photo she had taken of the moon and how the energy flowing from it had been captured through her camera. She often captured little fairies and elementals in her photos as well.

Without thinking I asked her to take a photo of the altar in front of us, and with her not knowing, I asked Sai Baba to please give us a special photo if it was His will.

With that, just as the photo was taken, the tea-light candles flared in unison, everyone saw it, and this is a crop of the photo we were given:

Sai Baba photo

I was thrilled for it shows Sai Baba with wings above his own image. See the elementals flying around also.

The photo is taken by Colleen Beattie.

photo of altar after reading given by Comic Sai Baba. Photo shows three leelas with om symbol, Baba rising from photo and light circles around tea-lights
Tea lights flared as the photo was taken.
Click here to view a larger version.

Later, a small amount of vibhuthi appeared on a kitchen marble bench which the more we mopped up it was slowly replaced in front of our eyes. This went on for about an hour as people asked what it was and how to use it. Thank you Baba for that wonderful Leela!