2 June 2015

❝I am here! And I am very pleased to be here – for I know I am welcomed! And that always gives me pleasure.

For when you call upon Me …. I’ll come!

You may take one step towards me, and I will take 100 steps towards you – to help you – to find answers for you – to assist you in making decisions – to help you in moments of crisis. Or advice.

The advice might not always be what you expect or what you want. But it will be in your best interests, I can assure you.

For we have spoken about a consciousness from the Soul. And the soul consciousness – shall we say – holds the door into much more knowledge and information that you have available to you, if you call upon it.

It does not operate through the brain, although it can hold onto some of that information. And as I have said before, if there is too much information for the brain, it would not be able to cope with it. It is not much different than a computer, in a way.

So the information comes from the soul consciousness. If you reach out and ask … the door will be opened. This is a message that has been given – nearly 2000 years ago – it came from Jesus Christ. And yet, it also came through other – messengers shall I say – or other beings of light that have come to teach, to help the little earthling to understand who they really are.

For who they really are is not just a physical body with a brain. No! No, not at all. Rather, they are Spirit – with soul – a soul consciousness that is available always. In fact, it is continually prompting you in ways that you take for granted, such as your breathing, your heart beating … and functions of the body that are automatic. Without the soul, these things would not operate.

For, when the soul leaves – at the time of the end, or transition from your body, everything stops. And that is because the soul has left.

The teachings from the soul consciousness are no different from the world teachings in religions. But it is not necessarily a religion. Far from it. It is a spirituality. It is who you are as spiritual beings.

And you have lived many lives before – and in the future. And not just in an earthly body, but in other bodies that exist in other worlds, and other races. There is much in you – that you can explore – if you like. Or, you can choose to let that all go … and ask for the Source of Creation to help you let it go … and begin afresh – shall we say – with the slate wiped clean.

Because, it is a time of change; it is a time that is happening now – for all peoples to walk forward – with a weight lifted away from them – from the past karmic debt that they have – and move forward into a New Age – The Golden Age, that has been prophesied for a long time, now.

Now is the time. It is coming upon you – your consciousness is raising – people are much more open now to things of an esoteric nature than they were in the past. This is no coincidence. It is because the energy of the consciousness is lifting. It is actually operating a little faster as it gets closer to the soul consciousness of who you are.

It gives the feeling that you are running out of time – but you are not. It is just a conflict of measurement of energy, that is all. Once you move into the consciousness of your soul, and synchronise with that, it will seem all very normal – and it is normal – because that is who you are.

I would like you to contemplate on that – on what I have just told you – and think about it more. Ask Questions – with intention – of asking for assistance from the Creative Source of All. Some may call it God. Some may call it The Force. It is of a higher nature because it is wiser – and there is a language of energy. You could call it a language of light. It will give you information that you need in many ways … in many ways.

Just be open.

Do not force it, or expect a certain answer. For that is actually closing the door to the answer that has been given to you. So leave yourself open. Ask – for the Love of God – to surround you – and be within you always.

For this is how you can find true freedom within you.

Thank you my children, Thank you for allowing me to come.

I, God, Bless You. ❞

You may listen to this transmission from Cosmic Sai Baba:


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