2 May 2017

Valerie: With great love and respect in our hearts we are calling upon Cosmic Sai Baba to come, to speak to us and to give us a message today. This is May 2nd, 2017. And we are at centre at Moss Vale.

❝”I am here! And I am very pleased to be here.

It gives me pleasure to hear you speak of other worlds, other galaxies … and other beings, for they are very real. The reason I am happy about that is because this is not always readily accepted or known by many people upon this Earth. But, they have visited in many forms, many physicalities and many levels of consciousness.

The consciousness that you connect with when you are speaking with One such as myself is of the highest order of – shall we say – “Gods”. In other words, if you ask and make it known that that is the level of consciousness you wish to work with then that will happen and it will be from that place, from the Source of All Creation. So remember that.

It is not difficult, it is what has been said (before): all you have to do is ASK. When you knock, you ASK, it will be given. It is that simple.

There has been talk about the galaxy – Andromeda as you speak of, which is your next galaxy to the Milky Way. And I would like people to investigate this, to think about it and give some thought to it. Because it has a role in influencing the little earthling upon your Earth planet and it is time, I think, that people should think about their Teachers if you like.

The Teachers that have come – over many thousands of years – to assist the little earthling to grow and to be able to live in peace and harmony. They have not quite achieved this just yet but it is on its way.

I have not got a lot to say today. Valerie has had quite a lot of experience with remembering that she is connected to the galaxy of Andromeda. Some people say it in one way and some people in another; but it is very real in its connection. For it (the Andromeda galaxy) has been helping and assisting for quite some time upon this Earth.

There is much that has been written; I would like people to investigate this and study and make more investigation about this particular galaxy. And from there, we can talk more – if you like – but for the moment, I am just asking you to do some research.

It will help you – the energy from that place will help changes take place within yourself. And it is a vibration that is healing; it is very strong because your Earth Sun is now in alignment (with the core of Suns) and healing many people who are ready and open for their healing.

So, if I can leave it for this day: this is what I would like you to do. Do some research; find out some more about the next galaxy and Andromeda. And allow the energy – and your intuition – to come together and you will find that changes will take place within you.

It is part of what I will say is disclosure.

The earth-man is discussing ‘disclosure’ so that all peoples upon this Earth will come to know that they are not alone in the Universe. And it is important that they understand that. For the cells in their bodies have been brought to the little earthlings upon this Earth:

From other worlds

From other galaxies

From other BEINGS

And you will start to recognise and REALISE who you really are.

So, I am speaking to you today a little like a lesson. It is up to you. You can take this lesson and do some research, or you can forget about it. That is up to you.

I come with love in my heart.

I have never left the Earth.

I am merely in the next world – helping still – the little earthlings that exist upon this Earth in human form. The human form is evolving and has gone on to evolve to a much more evolved way – of listening, of learning, of knowing, and creating.

So think about this please, my children; think about it.

Thank you.

I, God, Bless you.❞

You may listen to this transmission from Cosmic Sai Baba:


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