2 September 2014

With great respect and love we call upon Cosmic Sai Baba to make his presence here today.

❝ I am here and I am very pleased to be here – I have been here all the time of course, and your energy fields are very bright and light this day – and it pleases me to see this. And so, I know I am welcomed and I thank you for inviting me.

My message today, is not a long one, it is again one of reassurance – one to advise you that there is always help if you want it. … … All you need to do is call upon me and I will send a messenger or myself. I will come – it depends upon what is happening. But please do feel free to call upon us (if you like) if you would like me to express it that way – because there are many.

And I would like you to ask always for the Highest Order of Cosmic Beings. They may have different shapes and different forms and you may have developed the ability to see them – in your inner-eye – and that is good. Do not be afraid. Just get used to it.

For the form itself is not the real being – the real being is the consciousness – and that is important. This is what you need to recognize and work with always – when you are working with the paranormal, if I can put it that way.

When I say that, here on Earth the beings who are humans – think this is the world that is normal – but I can assure you – it is not the real world. And that you are here – shall we say – on an adventure, to learn, to experience, to share, to help one another, to grow – to grow in morality – and this is important.

For morality is the character building and that is what you are all aiming for. And it exists in total in Divine Energy of Love and Light.

From the Highest Order – from God, the Creator of All. So I would like you to think about that. Just think – and then meditate. And if something comes into your mind – think about that also. For it is a message from your soul that is asking you to consider – to think about and consider what it is and why that little message has come – in this particular moment-in-time.

For it is up to each and every one of you upon this Earth to grow. And to know who you really are – to know thyself.

And that is only an ability that you have … … that can learn – that will give you the understanding of who you really are. Nobody else can say this for you – or do this for you.

I hope I am giving understanding of what I am saying. In other words be responsible for everything you do and say. And every reaction you have in your emotions – look at them – think about them – if they cause pain to you – investigate it! If it causes pain to others, then ask why you should want to do this to other people.

Find love in your heart … … The Universe … … is Love. It is Compassion. This is the true source of the Highest Order.

Remember that – remember that.

And before I go I would like to give my thanks to the people who have written to me

And share their thoughts with me, and again I would like them to consider the message I give this day.

So, I thank you. Thank you for inviting me and I leave you now with love,

I, God, bless you❞.

You may listen to this transmission from Cosmic Sai Baba:

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