1 July 2014

Ah, we are calling upon Cosmic Sai Baba to make his presence, and we welcome his presence here this day, Tuesday, the 1st of July, 2014.

❝ I am here – and I have been here for some time and I have been having a little fun with this bell … to make it louder as you asked me …

You asked me if I would make it louder to show that I was here … and I AM. Because you have been saying you have never heard it ring so loudly before. So I am playing a little joke with you girls; and I am very happy that you have asked me to be here.

There has been much talk about me coming in a LIGHT BODY and appearing in front of many people; and it is true. And, I am intending to come more often in this way. There are many people on this Earth who will not understand – but people like yourselves will be able to help people to understand.

And so this will help me to, shall we say, ‘Bridge the Gap’ of returning after the body that I was in has turned to ash or died … … and I am here – or will be in front of many people, as if I had not died at all.

But, I am in a LIGHT BODY which is without the earth chemicals (or chemistry) in the cells.

BEINGS OF LIGHT DO EXIST – they come from the highest order, which is where I come from. And I would like you to remember that because I come with love – LOVE FROM THE UNIVERSE – Love for all Beings upon this Earth – and it is my duty and my desire to help as many as I can – to help them to understand who they really are.

For once they really understand who they really are – wisdom comes – understanding comes – and you can be all teachers so that you can tell others and help them to understand. Does that make some sense?

So … my role here today, is merely to re-affirm to all the people that want to hear: is that I am – I have … returned in a LIGHT BODY and I will be coming and going – very often – to many; to a few; It depends upon where the energy is high and where I can manifest …

If there are prayers, I can come easier than if there are not prayers – but I say this really because with prayers I know I am welcomed. And I wish to only come to places where I know I am welcomed.

Not because I fear anything, but rather, what is the point in coming if I am not welcomed?

I want to allay people’s fears. There is no reason to be fearful ever. If you raise in consciousness and pray to GOD THE ALMIGHTY, THE CREATOR OF ALL – this is all you need to do to remain in a place of elevated ascension and this is what it is about.

Jesus showed many – there is a story about how he showed many – of dying; and then, raising his body three days later: and in a way that is what I have played out except that instead of 3 days it has been 3 years.

But, there are reasons for this – but nothing for you to worry about. It is more connected with the Cosmos. And so I would like you to accept the fact that I have returned – I have ascended; and I hope you all will be welcoming me on my return.

For indeed I wish to stay until my 96th year so that I have not actually let anybody down in what I foretold about this Earth body. It is just now that it has changed to a Light Body – but I am exactly the same as I was on Earth as SAI BABA.

So please, please! Welcoming me is my truest and most heartfelt desire that you put out to me. And I will come, in one way or another. You have already felt my presence in this room; as soon as you walked in the door, you felt my presence. And then you felt, some of you, that you could see me, and that is good.

And with the sound of the BELL of course, I responded and showed you that yes I was definitely here. Now all this could sound strange to others that are not in this room to experience it. … … But that is how it is.

There is a need for everyone to experience it – and then they will know – and not just hear – they will know. Or if they hear it from another they will know by the feeling of it – whether it is true or not. This is for you to decide. BUT …

I HAVE RETURNED—AND WITH THE LOVE OF GOD, which is the most important message that I bring.

Before I go I would like to BLESS all these people who have sent letters asking for help – I would like them to know that I always receive every message that people send to me – I receive it. And I would like them to know that I return their love and assistance in the best way I know is for them. Some might not think it is, but eventually they will come to understand.

And so I thank you again, from my heart, for inviting me. Thank you, thank you my children, thank you.

I, God, bless you❞.

You may listen to this transmission from Cosmic Sai Baba:



As people arrived today, there was a very strong aroma that the devotees of Sai Baba recognised as the same incense perfume which pervades His Ashram. We kept remarking about it and how strong it was; so we knew Sai Baba was in the room. There were two guests present who were new to Sai Baba.

I usually Ring the base of a temple Bell to settle the energies in the room when we begin our meditation. It would not ring, so I suggested we sing 3 OM’s and tried to ring the base of the temple Bell again. And it still wouldn’t ring! So we repeated singing 3 OM’s again. Still, it wouldn’t ring! So in my mind I asked Baba telepathically would he please sound the Bell really loud to show his presence here.

I again rubbed the base of the bell and it very slowly began to ring. The sound became louder, louder and louder and I felt I had been taken over and transported somewhere. It still rang, rang and rang; very loud! I remember I was thinking I wished I had recorded the whole thing but I couldn’t take my hands of the bell.

Then it suddenly stopped and I felt I had been hit with a very strong Jolt of electricity.

We then decided to move straight to Cosmic Sai Baba’s transmission.

The two new ladies confessed (they had been coming to a few previous meetings) that they had never heard a hand bell ring so loud. And both confessed they had some doubts as to where ‘the transmissions’ were coming from but after today they knew it was Sai Baba. One could see him in the room even though she said she was not very spiritual.

I have written in my first book, The Book of Love by a Medium (blessed by Sai Baba) of an experience I had with Sai Baba in his Ashram at Puttaparthi: This was the last paragraph of the book.

“Baba again ‘set-me up’ one day not long before we were to leave the Mandir, where Baba was observing some building extension work near the Mandir. There were 10,500 people behind him and as I hurried to join them, I found myself facing him with nothing between us but a space of 30 feet or so – I stopped in my tracks and wondered if I should fall to my knees but he just stood looking at me and it was if time stood still. I could not move. Telepathically he asked me to note the signs around him – he was standing next to a very large Bell.”

I believe his message then (1993) has moved in a large cycle until today with his marvellous message of returning in a LIGHT BODY to his ANNOUNCEMENT WITH THE SOUND OF THE BELL.

I thank Sai Baba with all my heart, and soul for his loving Grace.

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