6 May 2015

Valerie: We are calling on Cosmic Sai Baba to make his presence amongst us, and we welcome him—to come this day.

❝I am here! And I am very pleased to be here.

It delights me to see … change taking place in people when they think and know and understand about the influences of energy (as Valerie says), and how it can influence you … but, how it (energy) can make you unhappy – but – how you can change it and make yourself feel happy.

Even pretending to be happy can help for a while – because then things seem to flow away and not worry you so much. And it is a form – of shall I say – “Open eyed” meditation where your Soul is looking around and seeing everything around you – but – you see it with new eyes if I can say it that way.

You see it in a happier way. Your eyes seem to pick out the things that are good … happy families … pets and animals … that jump around with joy and are so pleased to see their loved ones .. and children that behave well … and look at you with a smile! You can see it in their eyes … that this is a secret.

If they smile, and you see a smile in people’s eyes – you really have no worry about them having secret thoughts that are negative or pulling them down … because the eyes are the windows of the Soul. And that is not just a saying, it is real; it is real. And so you can tell by looking in people’s eyes just how they are feeling.

And people’s eyes glow! They shine! They laugh, and their eyes shine. You can be sure that they are happy inside. And this is the road, this is the need for everybody these days – to actually find that inner peace. That inner happiness, that Lovingness; to love themselves so that … everybody else around them is affected by that. And you can help them to love everybody around them as well.

This is the secret … of peace and harmony … and beauty. They all have to do with focus on that – just to relax … to centre on the Mother-Father God, the Creation of All that is within you because you are a Child of that – that energy in you. And know, then, that you are God! And from that place, find that deep, deep feeling … of peace … and happiness … and Joy.

I think I will leave today, and I hope you have listened to my message; and I hope and pray that all will find joy and happiness … and the real meaning of what God is … upon this Earth.

For That it is.

It is around you, it is in everything.

It is an energy, it is a force; it is one of growing. It is one of continuing in life …

God Bless you my children, God Bless you❞.

You may listen to this transmission from Cosmic Sai Baba:


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