Archangel Mikael Speaks


Our readers will remember that Archangel Mikael made his presence on the 3rd January 2017 – the day we normally receive a Transmission from Cosmic Sai Baba. Cosmic Sai Baba advised telepathically that he did not have a message that day but there was another who wished to speak. It was Archangel Mikael saying he would like to speak at the Conference Valerie was going to speak at Byron Bay on 16th January, 2017. And that his coming on that day was a rehearsal.

Archangel Mikael at the Close Encounters Conference

On January 16th 2017 – Archangel Mikael made his appearance at the Close Encounters Conference held at BYRON BAY. We are waiting for the video showing how he comes into this earth atmosphere and ‘bellows’ his message very loudly. We hope to have that video very soon so that we can place it on Youtube as Archangel Mikael has requested.

“I am Mikael – The Archangel Mikael – I am here so that you know that I exist. Do not be afraid.

I come with love.

Please accept my presence. I hope you can feel my energy.

I come with an announcement.

Valerie does not know why I am here. I wish it to be known –that I have asked permission to come – and it has been given. It is really appreciated from the Angelic Realms.

We wish it to be known that there are many, many star ships that belong to a United Planetary Nations, similar to your United Nations.

And, we wish to make our presence felt and known – not to be shot at – but, to be welcomed. Know we will come, and I feel that we will be in a room and that we will be welcomed.

We will be actually observing and seeing if we are welcomed or if there is too much fear or that there is too much anger – we do not want this, we do not want this at all.

Again on this announcement now – I would like you to spread the word, as much as you can and make it known that we will come – we will come with LOVE – we do not want to be shot at. We want to be accepted.

We are your brothers and sisters. Or certainly the star people are! We from the Angelic Realms are God Beings – please understand this – there is a difference – if you go into your hearts you will understand.

Because you have been born with that knowledge – it is in you – please stay still and listen to your inner voice.

We would like it known that we have intentions and plans to make a multi presence at ULURU and that the time that is planned in January 2018.

And so, I hope we will be welcomed, because we will have to postpone, yet again, our visit because we have wanted to come for quite some time.

It is time that mankind on Earth knows that we exist and that we are real – that you are real – we are real. We are respected. The star people are respected. The star people are respected.

Do you accept that?

Do you understand that?

I implore you to think about this. Accept us. When we come with love, that is for sure.

Thank you My Children, I take my leave now. Thank you.

God Bless you, God Bless you, God Bless you.”

You may listen to this announcement from the Archangel Mikael



An introduction to and full background for this transmission can be found the January Newsletter on Valerie Barrow’s website, here.


 Archangel Mikael announces there will be a mass showing of star ships of many kinds at Uluru